Election Newsletter from Carol Dean

Dear comrades,

We are now only 15 days away from polling day. As you may know, to provide additional support and continuity, Judy Foster (Deputy Leader) is overseeing the short campaign, and on Monday, she, Tim and I met again to review our progress. Details of this and important additional information is given below.


I reported last week that there is a problem with the global emails and some members are reporting not receiving any correspondence. The contact details that I use are those on membersnet.  Only members themselves or CLP secretaries can amend these details so please take the time to update them.

It has also been suggested that we make use of text messaging in the campaign and I will establish this week how this might be achieved.

Manifesto Commitments

You should by now have received details of the manifesto commitments we are including in materials from Tim. If you need any more information or advice on how to use them, please contact me.

Election Materials

Together we have successfully produced both the election addresses and postal vote letters.  The postal vote letters have now been sent out and should have reached postal voters between Friday and Monday.

We can also support you with producing a last minute direct mail letter to identified Labour supporters.  There may be a specific issue it would be useful to raise in your ward, so please contact me to discuss.

Last week I attached copies of various GOTV cards which you may wish to consider using. I shall be submitting an order shortly so please contact me if you would like a supply as soon as possible. Please note that the funding of GOTV cards will be down to individual branches/candidates/CLPs.

Campaign Diary

I am currently pulling together a borough-wide campaign diary, which I hope to issue by mid-week. Therefore, I would appreciate it if you could send me details of any events/sessions you have planned ASAP. This could include election materials delivery, telephone banks, doorstep voter ID and party social events.

Financial Support to candidates

All wards are entitled to some support as follows;

Target and winnable wards – Pre-election A3, Election Address, Postal vote letter (postage only)

Wards we are unlikely to win – Pedmore, Norton, Hayley Green, Halesowen South, Sedgley, Kingswinford South – Election address and Postal Vote letter (postage).

As well as the funding agreed by the Labour group and CLPs, contributions are also being made by Trade unions. If you are an individual member of a trade union, you may be entitled to financial support so don’t forget to contact your union for details.

Election Expenditure

Agents need to monitor spending on an ongoing basis so that we do not exceed legal limits. If you incur any expenditure independently, please submit details to Tim Crumpton ASAP, for accounting purposes, but also so that you can be reimbursed (in accordance with financial support agreed) Candidates and agents will now have received the details of the latest position on spend committed centrally on the campaign.

Volunteer Support

We have been identifying additional support outside Dudley to assist with campaigning. If you consider you would benefit from any additional help, let me know.

This coming Saturday is Super Saturday Campaign Day and all members are encouraged to help out in our target seats. Look out for the campaign diary that I will be producing, but in the meantime also monitor communications from candidates and CLP secretaries who are co-ordinating activities locally.

Final week of campaign, polling day and the count

I am liaising with CLPs about the final week’s activity, including the polling day operation, details of which will be issued next week

My availability

My number one priority will continue to be to ensure Labour retains control of the Council in Dudley on May 5th, so please make good use of me!

When I produce the Dudley-wide diary, I shall also include in it details of my availability but in any event you can call me on my mobile*.

Best wishes,

Carol Dean (Temp Organiser, Dudley Labour Party Local Election Campaign)


* Please send us a private message on our Facebook page if you would like Carol’s mobile number or any other contact info.


Author: Stourbridge Labour

Stourbridge CLP

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