Chris Hale’s Election Letter

Here is Councillor Chris Hale‘s “Last Five Days” election letter, which will be delivered to constituents in Wollaston and Stourbridge Town over the bank holiday weekend. Please share online too! 

Dear Constituent,

I am writing a personal letter to you ahead of the local elections polling day on Thursday 5th May 2016.

As a current ward councillor for Wollaston and Stourbridge Town, I have embraced the challenge of representing our ward at Dudley Council. I have also chaired the Health Scrutiny Committee on Dudley Council for the past two years representing all Dudley constituents, holding various health bodies to account, and working with colleagues to tackle the number one health issue in our borough: obesity. I have also helped many individuals in and around Wollaston and tackled many ward issues over the last four years; I hope that you will cast your vote for Labour on Thursday 5th May.

I have lived in Stourbridge all my life and now enjoy bringing up my own children in our town. I work for a trade union, representing my members across the Midlands to address their issues within their workplaces.

This year’s local elections are more important than ever when placed within the context of a projected cut to Dudley Council’s budget of 50% by 2020 of what it was in 2010. In these challenging times, it is important in my view to retain a Labour controlled council to resist these cuts and protect those people who are the most vulnerable across the borough. Wollaston is key in this regard – if Labour win in Wollaston it is more likely that Labour will remain in control of the council.

In spite of the Tories’ unnecessary and purely ideological cuts to our council’s budget, it is important that you have a positive reason to vote. As a Labour council, we would (amongst others):

  • Continue to support and challenge all schools, enabling them to achieve the very best for every child in Dudley, regardless of their status as an academy or maintained school
  • Using Community hubs, work with others to provide joined up services close to the communities that receive them
  • Use all of the 2% increase in Council tax to support older people and vulnerable adults, where possible, in their homes
  • Continue to take action to raise life expectancy in our poorer areas
  • Engage in a major consultation exercise involving tenants, owners, providers, and developers to develop a plan for housing that meets the needs of current and future generations

Finally, before polling day on Thursday 5th May please consider –

  • If you have not voted previously or will be a new voter – it is very important for you to vote; there were more people who did not vote in the General Election 2015 than actually voted for a Tory Government – only 25% of the whole electorate voted for the Tories!
  • Whatever your opinions for the European referendum, please remember to vote on local issues in the local election 5th May
  • If you are undecided about who to vote for, please consider our pledges as detailed above before casting your vote
  • If you are likely to vote Labour – please remember to vote on Thursday 5th May!

Yours sincerely,

Chris Hale


Author: Stourbridge Labour

Stourbridge CLP

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