Rail Fare Campaign Day

Dear Friends,

Just a brief report on our involvement in the national Train Fare Campaign Day yesterday (3rd Jan. 2017). We had 14 members attend our event which meant that we were able to cover the Stourbridge Town shuttle entry in addition to 4 access points at Stourbridge Junction.

Stourbridge Labour members who participated came from from Cradley, Quarry Bank, Pedmore, Wollaston and Norton, plus a member from Dudley South joined us.

We started just before 6.30 am and finished at 8.15 am – but only because we ran out of our 1,000 leaflets!

We had an excellent reception from commuters and no hassle at all from the railway people.

It was a very successful morning and well worth the effort. More than 500 similar events took place across the country. The Daily Mirror also did a double page spread on the rail bosses taking millions in pay and bonuses. The Labour Party posted items on Facebook about our rail policies, plus #RailFail and #RailRipOff trended on Twitter.

I believe that we really made a difference yesterday and we were all upbeat and excited about what was achieved. For more, please visit the Action For Rail website.

Our next event is on Saturday 21st January when we will have a street stall in Stourbridge town centre. Details will be sent out via email as soon as we know more. Also, remember to check our online calendar every now and then. 

Best wishes,

Geoff Dixon

Stourbridge Labour Party



Author: Stourbridge Labour

Stourbridge CLP

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