Tory-UKIP Council Tax Stitch-Up in Dudley

Dudley South Labour

Pete Lowe

At the meeting of the full council on Monday evening Dudley Conservative and UKIP Groups voted together in proposals that will see a loss of £1.1million pounds to the council.

Proposals put forward by the Labour Group would have resulted in an extra £3.1 million being invested specifically in to Adult Social Care and a further £2.1million per year invested in general council services.

The proposals put forward would have meant that Dudley would have remained the lowest council tax authority in the West Midlands whilst investing much needed funds in to Adult Social Care and front line services for local people.

Unfortunately Dudley UKIP group who originally stated that they would not support the extra money for elderly and vulnerable residents or the extra money forfrontline services then decided to do a deal with the Conservatives and propose an amendment calling for a private company to be brought in to look…

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Author: Stourbridge Labour

Stourbridge CLP

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