Standing Up For Stourbridge

A message from Pete Lowe – your Labour candidate in Stourbridge:

Image may contain: 1 person, suit and close-upI know first-hand the challenges that young people face. I have one daughter who will be saddled with a mountain of student debt and another who is struggling on a zero-hours contract. Only the Labour Party promises educational opportunity for all and secure employment from day one that will give young people hope for the future.

Labour’s promise to maintain the triple lock protection on pensions gives my Mum and all pensioners in Stourbridge the peace of mind that their incomes will be protected.

My parents were the first generation in my family who could afford to buy their own home. Their grandchildren are faced with unaffordable private rents and mortgages. I will support a radical increase in affordable housing to buy and rent.

Stourbridge schools are projected to lose more than £4.5m in funding by 2019. The budget at my own primary school, Thorns, will be cut by more than £700 per pupil per year!

As a registered nurse for over twenty years I have worked in our local hospitals and am proud of Labour’s greatest achievement in government – our NHS. The NHS is under threat from reduced funding, increased waiting lists and further privatisation. I will fight for the future of our NHS.

The Tory government has cut Dudley council’s funding by 25% since 2010. Affluent and leafy Surrey has been given an increase of 1.4%. Why have the Tories got it in for the people of Stourbridge?

In this election we have a choice: a local resident who is committed to his community and committed to fight for a better future, or a career politician and the Tories who have failed our NHS, failed our housing needs, have no idea what it’s like to live on a pension or disability benefits, and have no sense of the struggle to help our children fulfil their ambitions.

Vote Labour on 8th June. Aim high, vote Lowe!

For more from Pete and the Stourbridge Labour campaign team, go to Pete Lowe – Standing Up For Stourbridge.


Labour Briefing: You can’t trust the Tories!

On the day that the Tories U-turned on the dementia tax, a little something from the Labour Party on broken Tory promises…

Theresa May pretends otherwise, but she has been at the heart of the Conservative Government for the last seven years. Her personal record is the record of this Conservative Government – one of failure and broken promises. From the economy to the NHS, policing to schools, Theresa May’s government has failed again and again to deliver on the pledges they made to the British people.

• They promised economic stability, but they have missed every debt and deficit target they set themselves.
• They promised to raise living standards, but working families are set to be on average over £1,400 a year worse off.
• They promised to improve all standards of NHS care, but A&Es are in their worst state on record and hospitals are in financial crisis.
• They promised to protect school spending, but per pupil spending is going down and class sizes are soaring.

If they broke this many promises in just two years, imagine how many they could break with another five.

To read more about the Tories’ record of broken promises and failure, download ‘One Tory Manifesto. Two years of Failure. 50 Broken Promises’, a document produced by the Labour Party Policy and Research Team highlighting Tory broken promises.