Tidy Stourbridge: Sunday 2nd April, Bagley Street Car Park, Lye

Great work from members of the community, including Labour councillors and party members!

Tidy Stourbridge

A beautiful start to the day with warm bright sunshine. Another good turn out to which we are always grateful.

Todays worthy volunteers: Alison, Amy, Steph, Holly, Cllr Vanessa P, Sarah, Pat, Andi,

Cllr Julie Baines,  Doug, Rachael, Geoff, Roger, Tony, Craig, David.

Before I start to do any more I must say that today we had many Tenants Lager Cans, Bottles of all sizes – glass, even a 3/4 bottle of vodka with gold pieces speckled through out.

The car park was that bad in between the mass of overgrown laurel bushes that some of the team did not see daylight as they were pulling allsorts from in between the undergrowth.

The team other wise went of into differing directions again. Up the road, down the road and across the road down the tracks,

Todays haul was as follows: 4 Tyres, Dinner Plates, 1 Fridge, 1 x 25 litre canister, 15…

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Author: Stourbridge Labour

Stourbridge CLP

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